About Us

We are industry leading experts in Polymorph plastic and have built up a huge wealth of knowledge of this material. Providing thousands of people and businesses around the world, we have maintained a customer satisfaction rating of 100% and aim to continue this service for every customer.

After seeing several variations of this material we have had to buy and test a huge range of different plastics, we tested each type in key areas such as: Strength, Quality and Aesthetics. There are a lot of very poor quality versions of Polymorph plastic on the market, so only buy the best.

You can only be guaranteed the best Polymorph on the market if you buy from blrtronics, no other Polymorph supplier has got the reputation we have. You will come across other sellers from time to time who will claim to have high quality Polymorph but the reality is that they do not, we know this because there is a very high chance we have tested their plastic and ruled it out as competition to us. 

Coolmorph™ is a trademark registered to Blrtronics
Coolmorph™ is a similar material to Polymorph but it has been specifically designed to be the easiest mouldable thermoplastic on the market, it has a melting point of 42°C. If you think Coolmorph™ would be a better option for you then please click the logo below

COOLMORPH LOGO, a lower melting point thermoplastic polymorph


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